Bad breath is the first symptom of parasite infestation

In 2016 a successful trial of a new anti-parasitic drug product called Antitoxin Nano was carried out. There is such an information about the product:

1. The efficacy of the Antitoxin Nano was evaluated using statistical methods (a percentage of 100 patients participating the experiment and those whose fought parasites off with the help of this remedy was shown), which indicate the following.

  • - Disposed of parasites and their eggs - 100%
  • – Used on a regular basis and restored the state of pancreas - 80%
  • - Fought off skin infection caused by allergies - 90%
  • - Fought off gastritis and stomach ulcer - 90%
  • - Fought off anaemia - 100%
In this case term "recovery" means fighting off parasites, the disease which caused their presence as well as the absence of symptoms for the period of the next 6 months.

2. No adverse side effects and sensitivity reactions were detected.

3. Antitoxin Nano It is top-ranked as the leading anti-parasite solution on the market

Interview with the researcher:

Doctor Somchay Pypitpay

Parasitology field expert. More than 60 research works on the molecular level parasitology study.

Working experience - 21 year.

Based on our experts' research findings it was found that such a symptom, called bad breath is an evidence of parasite infestation. Parasite waste products are toxic and create a positive environment in a stomach for bacteria expanding. It responds to a question why an infested person may find it out just according to the bad breath.

Today we are going to discuss it with Dr Somchay Pypitpan.

Good day, Thank you very much for finding time for our interview. We'd like to ask you a question directly. We dominate in amount of infected population, don't we?

We do. We took the leading position about parasitic infections. The reason for this are the following: the horrible environment state, authorities' neglect to the situation and inattentive attitude to people.ому является ужасающее состояние окружающей среды, игнорирование ситуации со стороны властей и невнимательное отношение к людям.

All right. Is that true that the latest researches showed the relationship between inflection and bad breath?

During the past two years medical community believed that the bad breath comes out from the throaty opening of the mouth. Anyway, recent researches denote one more convincing reason - stomach and liver problems. Researchers also represent the fact that it is dangerous to ignore "prevailing symptoms". Inflections may lead to different serious diseases.

From my experience I denote that all researches surely represent the fact "bad breath" leading to serious diseases. 92% of deaths are caused by parasite inflections. These are not only deaths from a disease but these are also so-called deaths from a "natural cause", which in fact are a consequence of the parasite' activity in human body and organs.

Usually people think that parasites are just simple worms. So, how can they lead to the bad breath presence and even to death?

Frankly speaking, it's an incorrect understanding. It is easy to think that those parasites, a person is inflected with, are just worms. There are many types of parasites which differ depending on the fact which organs are inflected. As a consequence, adverse effects also differ as different types of parasites do. In case when worms or, so-called tapeworms, survive in a human body, they appear to be highly dangerous. In actual fact, they ruin the intestinal tract and this causes breakdown from within leading to death. In addition, it is very difficult to detect and destroy those tapeworms.

At the same time, there are thousands of species of parasites that can live in the liver, brain, lungs, blood, stomach and almost all of them are dangerous. Some species responsibly perform their work and instantly destroy the body, some of them work secretly and gradually bring the organism of their "host" to such a state that it can't function any longer and then dies.

At the same time, I can confidently say, that almost every person is inflected with parasite worms which it is so difficult to detect. At the time when people pay attention to different symptoms caused by parasites presence, doctors try to cure those symptoms but not the reason of them. Though sometimes autopsy doesn't show the type of inflection. In such a case, some additional researches are needed. At least, in the majority of cases,

there are numerous species of parasites which can live in liver, brain, lungs, blood, stomach. Almost all of them are dangerous. The first symptom of their appearance is the bad breathявления является неприятный запах изо рта.

- Could you, please, give some actual examples of medical infections?

- I can give many examples, but I would better illustrate that danger of tapeworms.

Firstly, it turns out that many kinds of tapeworms may lead to cancer. However, human is not the only creature which is subject to cancer. Worms divide cancer cells by spreading them all over the body and this infects the host. It happens when parasite larvae hit human's lymph nodes coming out from intestinal tract. In the result they become a cancer. Death occurs within a few months. Last week we documented several deaths caused by cancer because of parasites.

In the centre: Cancer cells spread all over the body because of parasites.

One more widespread type of parasites are those which live in human brain. Their appearance causes such symptoms like anxiety, weakness, excessive drowsiness and mood swings. At later stages, when the brain is full of parasites, some much more serious diseases may be developed and eventually lead to death.

We have such an image: This photo was made during the process of autopsy, when we detected different parasites in body organs. Here are some examples. But I must warn you, that they are frightening a lot.

Tapeworm was removed from a cholecystis:

Parasites which are in a human brain lead to cancer:

Tapeworm, which hit the dog's heart caused the cardiac standstill:

The third example is the human heart inflection by worms. It is not a usual disease, however, in actual fact, those worms with which dogs are inflected in heart are detected in 23% of people-that means every fourth person. At the early stages, their presence is completely obsolete and their negative impact on vital activity vanishes. However, their activity becomes heavier in a rather short time after uprising in a body. Heart tapeworms cause a lashing of heart diseases. And if to speak about deaths caused by cardiac failure, heart tapeworms are the reason in almost 100% of cases.

- What are other risks in parasite inflecting?

- In a male body they may cause prostate gland. Sexual dysfunction is caused by urocyst tumors, urine calculus and bladder stones. As for females, symptoms of pain and ovaritis report that there is a mammary tumor, epinephritis, cholecystis or nephritis. Also there may occur some premature wrinkles, eye bags, warts, face and body infections.

- How can we protect ourselves from being inflected? Is there any helpful medicine able to protect our organism and to check it for tapeworms’ presence?

- Unfortunately, I need to say that there is no such a medicine which could check a human body for parasite presence. In some measure it is due to a large number of their types (more than 2000 about which we know), and to some extent it is due to difficulties in their detection. An integrated analysis includes a large number of stages and it is rather consumptive.

The first symptoms indicating parasite presence are the following:

  • bad breath;
  • allergy (hives, watery eyes, running nose);
  • skin redness;
  • cold-related diseases, sore throat, frequent nasal blockage;
  • chronic fatigue (whatever you do you get tired fast);
  • frequent headache;
  • stool retention or stomach ache;
  • joint pain and muscle ache;
  • harassment, insomnia and nutritional disorder;
  • dark patches and eye bags;

If you observe at least one of those symptoms mentioned above, we can say that it is 99% that your body is inflected with parasites and you need to fight them off immediately.

For today to fight off those parasites using medications is problematic. On the market there is only one solution which may help you in fighting off those parasites.

This solution is called Antitoxin Nano. It was developed unitedly by the parasitology Institute together with a group of young independent researches. We worked with more than 20 medications but while being under development Antitoxin Nano was the most efficient.

Antitoxin Nano is made from Artemia infusions. . As ordered by the authorities the most part must be kept in the home country.

In addition, there are some specific conditions about the medication export and its sale in Western countries ( Antitoxin Nano is sold by 10 times above the cost). This fact gives us a chance to sell it at fire-sale prices inland.

- Why Antitoxin Nano is so good? How does it differ from other solutions?

- As I have already said it is the one solution for today which helps to make body free of all existing kinds of parasites. For this reason, all networks of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies abroad want to obtain it so much. Comparing it with any other anti-parasite solutions it works directly with the whole spectrum of parasites. Taking into account the fact that there is a great problem in parasite detection it helps a lot in making body free of them effectively. As I have said before, it is of immense complexity to detect the parasite type, which inflects the organism. Antitoxin Nano fights off all tapeworm kinds no matter where they live, whether it is brain, heart, renal system or intestinal tract. There is no other solution which has the same peculiarities.

Furthermore, this medication is not chemical. It is made out of natural components which help to keep allergy down, to negate intestinal imbalance and to solve some other problems which are present after surgery or aggressive medicament administration. Moreover, they regulate body work. It helps to digest many chemicals.

- To my mind our followers will appeal to know where to buy Antitoxin Nano !

- Antitoxin Nano is available only in one place on the official supplier's site. . We have repeatedly tried to make an arrangement with pharmaceutical networks but they want to maximize their profit out of Antitoxin Nano sales. It exceeds the original cost much and the price we sell it. You know that the community of our experts is not a business corporation and doesn't go in for getting high profits from the solution sales. We only want it to be sold at acceptable prices for everyone. That is the reason why we have low sales. We compensate the difference by means of export prices. The main objective of pharmaceutical networks is to achieve the maximum profit. That is why our pricing method widely varies.

I hope that in some time we will reach a consensus for Antitoxin Nano to be sold in chemist's shops at the same price that we have. In the meantime, the solution can be bought only by ordering it on the site. We tried to make it convenient and understandable. The product can be delivered by mail or by other means. Payment shall be made only after receiving it. It is simple.

- Would you like to add some other information for our followers before we finish our interview?

- I would like to add the following: please, look after your health. You may not know but there is 97-98% of likelihood that your organism is inflected. They may be anywhere-in our blood, intestinal tract, lungs, heart, and brain or in any other organ of your body. Parasites eat you up from within and at the same time they spread toxins all over your organism. Eventually, different problems with health arise which shorten your life of 15-25 years. This includes sudden deaths which are connected with the parasite activity in a human organism.

For now you can buy Antitoxin Nano on our official website .

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  • Araya Pongton I use this medicine. I felt some discomfort because of bad breath. On the fifth day of taking the medicine i noticed that the breath became more fresh and tasty. Also I heavily suffered from locks. And for now there is no such a problem. From now on I use Antitoxin Nano every three months as a preventive measure.
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  • Savitry Cirisuk I received the delivery with Antitoxin Nano on the second day. After drinking Antitoxin Nano you can't even imagine what came out of me...I could not even think, that so many living bodies may be somewhere in my intestine. I do not even want to look back to it... it is horrible.
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  • Karisa Thanks for the article. I have already ordered this medicine.
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  • Manop When starting to use Antitoxin Nano I did not believe that it may have such an effect. There is no stomach ache for now (I suspect that there were some living bodies). My breath also recovered. I'm 53 years old for now but I must admit that I feel myself better than when I was 30. Thank you very much for informing people about such a problem. They did not hear anything like that from their therapists.
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  • Pitsamay I experienced Antitoxin Nano on myself. The result is excellent. I feel myself younger and healthier, my defence system is improved. It is 8 months after I have finished the course. I did not run up against any diseases till now. I recommend it to all.
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  • Bamrung Virakun I have just watched a television broadcast about parasites living in a human body. They were lordly speaking about such a solution called Antitoxin Nano. It was described as the best solution to fight parasites off.
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  • Amnat I have just ordered this medicine for myself. I will receive the delivery during a week. I can not wait.
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  • Vira I have had constant severe headaches but after drinking Antitoxin Nano there is no pain anymore. That is the reason why I suppose that something lived in my head.
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  • Tavatchay My grandmother taught me how to fight parasites off using wormwood. All my family members drink it and, you know, it works! Parasite worm called ascaride came out of my children, did not help to get rid of bad breath. That was the reason to try Antitoxine Nano instead of it. Now I do not have any problems with the fresh breath! We do not drink wormwood anymore but we drink Antitoxine. The result is similar. The price is low and it is comfortable in use.
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  • Ariya Punpondi Very interesting interview! This information is important for everyone! Thank you very much!
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  • At Varapon Is it a part of a fraud scheme? Why the medicine is being sold only through the Internet?
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  • Saman I recommend it to everyone. When I started to drink this medicine everything began to come out of me... I was so scared! After being examined by parasytologists they said, that I had worms in my liver and if I do not start drinking Antitoxin Nano, I will live for only some another 2-3 years.
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  • Piti Miyadi At Did you read the whole article? This solution is being sold only online because pharmaceutical companies are cheaters and profit is the only thing they want! Suppliers do not cheat, you pay only after receiving your order! I received my package, checked its content and simply paid for it.
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  • Ponpon Mikuchai A wonderful solution. Both me and my husband drink it and we noticed a significant improvement of our health. We feel ourselves as we are children, we have more strength... surely, parasites intoxicated our organism. You feel yourself as a new person after you got rid of them!
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  • Piriya Tyaybun After I have read all the comments I decided to get this medicine for myself.
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  • Anattechia819 You will not believe but I had the same problem: constant overextension and I was ready to give up... but, thanks God, I heard about Antitoxin Nano. It is a miracle cure.
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  • Sompon Thanks for the information. Of course, I need to clean my organism at least once in my life… I have never done it. But now I think that I do not want it to be inside me. I am sure about it.
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